When it comes to hair removal, a lot of people think about trying hair removal cream.  Waxing is less thought of, partially because of the belief that it is the most painful thing ever.  Why should you go for waxing in Ottawa Hair Salon instead of hair removal cream?

Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal cream is considered very simple and easy to use by most people. Even men, according to manscaped.com up to 10% of men have tried hair removal cream.  You apply it to the area that you want to remove hair from and let it sit briefly so it can work.  Then you wipe away the hair from said area.  This leaves your skin smooth and hair free. You could also get some trimmers which is painless, visit https://www.bikiniden.com/best-trimmer/ for the best trimmers.

However, hair removal cream does have its downsides.  It can leave you with rashes as there is a selection of the population that is allergic to it.  If you leave it on too long, it can also burn your skin.  Some people have brought up concerns about the chemicals used in hair removal cream being potentially hazardous or at least bad for your health.


The process of waxing takes longer than using hair removal cream, but it lasts for a while and will eventually ensure that you need fewer visits to the spa to get a waxing in Ottawa.  A technician uses hot wax on your skin to stick strips of paper to the hair.  In most cases, the wax only adheres to the hair and pulls it out at the root. For men healthcare visit The Guys Shaving Club.

Waxing has a few downsides, though.  It can be mildly painful, but there are ways to make it painless.  The process takes an hour or so some people think that the process takes more time than possible.

Hair removal is a pain, but with waxing, you can enjoy your body being smooth for longer.  After several treatments, you can even enjoy reduced hair growth.  It is also a healthier and safer option.  There are a lot of options for getting a waxing in Ottawa too, which doesn’t hurt.