Three Manicure and Pedicure Secrets Make You More Beautiful

Manicures and pedicures in Ottawa are relaxing and they help you achieve the look you are going for.  Like with any beauty service or industry there are secrets in the manicure and pedicure world.  We are here today to share some of these secrets with you.  These manicure and pedicure in Ottawa secrets will help […]

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Brazilian Sugaring or Waxing in Ottawa

Brazilian Services for women is a very popular service in Ottawa and elsewhere but still a lot of misconception about:

How comfortable is it? what’s better or gentler than sugaring?
do the hairs grow finer or less?
looking for best reviews before picking a spa or an esthetics place in Ottawa

Many ways for hair Removal: […]

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Spa Beauty Tips: Hair Removal Cream Vs Waxing

When it comes to hair removal, a lot of people think about trying hair removal cream.  Waxing is less thought of, partially because of the belief that it is the most painful thing ever.  Why should you go for waxing in Ottawa instead of hair removal cream?
Hair Removal Cream
Hair removal cream is considered very simple […]

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Top Nail Styles Autumn 2016

Autumn 2016 has brought with it a variety of nail styles that are seeing popularity. From natural colors to bright colors and everywhere in between can be found on this list. If you want to have the latest in nail stylings read this article to find some of them.

The Natural Fade
Very popular this autumn is […]

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Permanent Eye Makeup Is A Must For A carriere Woman

Being a carriere women isn’t easy and you don’t have time for your makeup.  That is why permanent eye makeup is a must for any carriere woman.  Here are the benefits of permanent eye makeup.

Wake Up and Go
Many women are jealous of men for being able to wake up and go to work without having […]

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5 Brazilian Bikini Wax Tips You Will Love To Know

In order to get the best Brazilian wax possible you need to take the proper steps and follow the proper tips.  How do you find the proper tips though? These five tips are from the professionals on how to get the most out of your next bikini wax.
Let Your Hair Grow
You probably want to have […]

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Look good for life: Tattoo Makeup

The art of putting on makeup is nothing to be trivialized. That whole routine, while often parodied and complained about, is a labor of love and often done for the benefit of the lucky partners of women. Even with hours spent on perfecting those lines, shaping those lips, and plucking those eyebrows, all that work […]

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Getting your Manicure/Pedicure at a Salon

Not all nail salons abide by the same rules and not all of them really care about your health, that’s just the cold, honest truth. Nail salons operate in some of the tightest margins of the service and hospitality industry. The employees are often either really amazing at their jobs or really terrible. We’ve all […]

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Laser Hair Removal Review: Benefits, Side Effects, and Cost

Here and there tweezing and shaving your irritating spots of hair can be a huge hassle, requiring non-stop upkeep. That is the reason why some people are now resorting to waxing, yet even that can be similar to exchanging one form of torment for another. You may be the smart one to look into laser […]

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Laser Hair Removal vs Brazilian Waxing – Which Is Better?

Brazilian waxes vary; hair is removed in the front, back and everything in the middle. Completely smooth, which allows for more provocative bikini and lingerie choices. Some ladies feel liberated after getting Brazilian Waxing, because they can wear lower-cut pants, shorts without fear of pubes poking out. Some ladies may still leave a very trimmed […]

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