Are you looking to get ready for the beach?  Maybe you just don’t like shaving?  Waxing and sugaring by Gilla can help you to get rid of that unwanted hair.  Why would you want professional sugaring or waxing though?  Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Gilla is the place to go.

More Comfortable and Pain Free At Gilla

When you perform sugaring and waxing at home you are performing it on yourself.  At Gilla we have the expertise to perform waxing.  We can make it far more comfortable and painless when we do it at our spa.

We Make You Feel Comfortablewaxing ottawa

A lot of places simply place you into the chair and get you waxed and sugared so that they can get onto the next customer.  Not at Gilla.  We believe that the process is more than that.  Talking with our clients and keeping them comfortable during the process is important.  Whether it is taking your mind off the uncomfortable pulls or putting your mind at ease, Gilla is great at it.

Expert Advice

When you use a product at home or go to some other spas you will notice that you get advice that is aimed at you buying more products.  At Gilla we give advice meant to truly help our clients, even if it doesn’t lead to more product sales.  The client experience doesn’t end at the door.

Clean and Proper Care Area

Part of waxing and sugaring is having it performed in a clean area.  At Gilla, we clean after every client and make sure that the space is what you would expect of a proper spa.  You never have to worry about it being dirty.

Amazing Customer Reviews

Customers who come to Esthetics by Gilla have wonderful experiences with both our waxing and sugaring services.  Don’t take our word for it, take a look at some of our reviews:

“Was there for Brazilian waxing …. Great experience and will go again :)”

“My first and best sugaring experience!!”

“This is by far the best waxing experience. Gilla is very friendly, she keeps the conversation going and makes u feel comfortable.”