1: Moisturize your toes constantly.

You can use Vaseline to your own feet to soften them. You should apply some kind of moisturizing lotion or merchandise to your feet on a daily basis. During the night, place Petroleum jelly around your feet and either wear socks or place a towel under so the jelly does not get all over your bed sheets. Do this right prior to going to bed. You might also take two vinyl bags the size for your toes, apply Vitamin E oil to your toes, secure the bags, put socks over the bags, and then fall asleep. By morning your feet ought to be a lot smoother. Buy heel cream. Especially during the summer, feet often find tough and hard, because of calluses from walking with flip-flops or no shoes. The heels need particular attention. At fine departments stores, you can find cream specially developed to soften insides, which are the roughest aspect of their toes. Coconut oil or olive oil will also be great natural ways to soften the toes.

 2: Soak your feet.

Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes before you go to bed. You have to do this several days weekly. If you do not regularly look after your feet, calluses and toughness will begin to build up, especially on your heels. Add a couple drops of liquid soap along with a baking soda (1 tbsp. for 5 liters of water) to the water (or attempt Epsom salts or bath salts). Baking soda can help to soften skin and will ease its elimination. You can buy these spas at many stores. They often plugin, creating spa-like movement in the water, which is relaxing.

 3: Create a homemade scrub.

You are able to make homemade scrubs to use to your feet from ordinary household ingredients. These lotions, if frequently applied, will result in smoother and smoother feet. Concoct a sugar scrub with brown sugar (1/2 cup), honey (a spoonful), olive oil (or any oil of your choice, also 1/2 cup), and lemon juice (squirt). Brown sugar is not as harsh than regular sugar. It will help your skin maintain moisture following the wash. Honey will even help soften and moisturize the feet. Lemon juice brightens and evens out skin on the feet. But, a lot of people warn ardently against using sugar or lemon onto your skin, as they can cause lacerations and compound burns . Should you use this scrub commonly, you may cause rapid aging of the skin, along with other issues. In case you have concerns about this, follow the recipe, but replace brown sugar and do not add lemon. Salt is very good for skin, and will not cause lacerations like sugar, while exfoliating. The lemon does very little (besides burn you) in the first place, so replacing it isn’t actually essential. Scrub your feet in very warm water for about 10-15 minutes to soften skin on your feet and prepare the skin for the wash. Then, taking small amounts of the scrub, begin gently massaging your feet, focusing on specific areas such as the heel and the ball of the foot (especially in the event that you have callouses). Massage the scrub into your own feet for as long as you feel necessary. Leave the scrub on your toes for a minute or so, then rinse off the wash with warm water. After rinsing the toes, apply a generous amount of moisturizer to the toes, followed by a pair of fitted socks to be sure the moisturizer will remain on the toes, and penetrate the skin deeply.