Testimonials – What do our customers say about us.

This is by far the best waxing experience. Gilla is very friendly, she keeps the conversation going and makes u feel comfortable. her sugar wax wasn’t painful at all. i highly recommend this place.
Nouf Al-Salman, Google Review
Gilla is THE best! I have been to countless other estheticians in Ottawa, charging ALOT more than she does. Gilla makes waxing as close to enjoyable as it can be. I’m glad i found her, she’s a very warm, caring person and her love for what she does is always evident.
Karen Redtman
I have gotten a Brazilian wax at different locations — but with Gilla the experience was amazing! She was professional, kind, and patient. She did everything to make sure that I was comfortable. Hands down the best waxing service I have been to in years!
Yamikani Msosa
VERY GOOD EXPERIENCE. Highly recommend.
I wanted to have some sugaring done and came across Esthetics By Gilla by doing an online search. I was not sure since it was in her home and there were only a few reviews to go by, but I decided to try her out. I am very glad that I did. She did an amazing job! She was very kind and professional. She offered me some tea when i arrived and asked if the room temperature was comfortable. Originally I wanted to use the sugar, but she suggested I use a special beeswax which was supposed to be very delicate. She was absolutely right. It was like a magic wax! It was so gentle. The hair came out so easy and I hardly felt it. The wax did not stick to the skin like normal waxing. She took her time to make sure she would not miss any hair. She made me feel very comfortable. I almost fell asleep because it was so relaxing. She had soft music playing in the background. I will definitely be going to see her again.
Elena V
I have been seeing Gilla for over three years now for waxing, eyebrows and electrolysis. She is professional, kind and does amazing work!! She makes you feel so welcome, in what could be an otherwise uncomfortable situation. When I go to see her, I feel pampered and cared for, but also like I’m visiting a friend. I would recommend this amazing woman to anyone who wants esthetics of any kind.
Catherine C
Amazing.. are the services i received at Esthetics by Gilla. My skin has never been better..i guess her experience and knowledge are the keys. I have been around many places in Ottawa, but Gilla is the number one professional in every aspects: spotless clean, gentle, and educated in her field. I had my eye brows done too lately Permanent make-up, she uses topical anesthetics and state of the art kind of work . Bref, i have been with Gilla for a year only and i am sure i’m staying … I am grateful to you Gilla.
jane sisson
Jane Sisson
Gilla’s Waxing is a clean, pristine, and well run business. The fact that I had not received a bikini wax before, I was a bit nervous. The professional waxologist at aesthetics by Gilla did an amazing job to help me to feel calm, safe, and trusting of the process. The results were amazing! I definitely recommend Esthetics by Gilla for any waxing procedure or other esthetician service, as I experienced one of the more sensitive and intimate types. I can honestly say that the skill set and professionalism was high!
Jackie Fix
Excellent service, very friendly and kind. I always have a great experience and I continue to return because of it. Also as a health care professional, just want to point out that it is very sanitary, uses gloves, masks and is very clean. I don’t find it overly painful and my hair grows back just fine, no ingrown or any other problems. Thank you for your excellent service time after time !
This lovely woman is very sweet and caring and will make you feel very comfortable, whatever service you request.
Very personalized, caring service. Fantastic woman. Great job on eyebrows!

What Is an Esthetician?

Most people have heard of an esthetician, most aren’t sure what exactly an esthetician does. An Esthetician is a skin care specialist, usually focusing on the facial area. Estheticians work to help their clients improve their facial appearance without using invasive surgical procedures.

massage ottawaWhat to expect during your first visit

Your first visit to one of the trained estheticians at Esthetics by Gilla will consist mostly of an evaluation of your skin care needs. We will closely examine your skin, identifying areas of improvement, and discuss what treatments we can use to help you look your best and feel good about yourself . We’ll talk with you about your individual needs and goals, and can make personalized recommendations based on your individual skin type, preferred care regimen, and overall goal.

What services does an esthetician offer?

Our Estheticians can offer a number of different services, based on your individual needs as a client.

  • Facial massage – A facial massage helps improve texture and tone of your skin by enhancing your circulation and blood flow, while simultaneously relaxing the facial muscles. This can help the skin appear more firm, bright, and vibrant. A healthy skin is a beautiful skin after all.
  •  Facials – we offer a number of different facials designed to cleanse, exfoliate, tone, treat and moisturize the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles ease as we treat your skin with a variety of our signature facial treatments; when performed in a series, your esthetician will gradually increase the strength of each treatment, progressively improving skin’s texture, tone and youthfulness with each facial. It can also help to correct imbalances in your skin tone. Facial treatments are our esthetics specialty in Ottawa.
  •  Galvanic facials – this is referred to as a non-surgical facial. Using a mild electrical current to stimulate a better functioning of the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate Collagen building cells by 62% for firmer, stronger and younger looking skin.
  • Microdermabrasion – this non-invasive treatment exfoliates away dead skin cells to reveal a softer smoother complexion; this chemical free treatment draws out impurities and eliminates acné and skin breakouts by reducing pore clogging bacteria and restoring skin health and clarity. The abrasion action helps remove fine lines, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, eliminate acne scars, and lighten up age spots.
  • Chemical peels – these advanced skin care treatments are ideal for clients who wish to get rid of acne scarring, or treating a pigment disorder; it is also the best answer for aging skin or a skin affected by sun damage. Our formula will work even on clients who have sensitive skin, or conditions such as rosacea.

This is just a small sampling of our specialty services. In addition , our trained estheticians can also offer you advice about the best cosmetics lines to meet your expectation , as well as help you with eyebrow grooming and hair removal. We also offer permanent makeup and corrective cosmetics.

Why do I need a professional esthetician?

A professional esthetician has been trained, and must pass a rigorous examination in order to become licensed. When working with clients, it’s important that your esthetician is adequately able to communicate with you and understand your needs. It also takes skills and training to correctly achieve the desired results from any treatment. Most importantly, however, professional estheticians receive training on the various methods of treatment, and the equipments used in those treatments.

Professional estheticians also learn to recognize skin problems that may require professional medical treatment. Some skin conditions may get worse if treated incorrectly, making it more important that you only allow a professional to treat your skin. In some cases, an esthetician may even have received medical training in dermatology as well. When you visit a professional esthetician, you’re in “good hands”, you enjoy your visit, as you know that you are being treated by a professional who will use the utmost care and knowledge in order to help you achieve the results that you want.

Perhaps the most important

How can I combine esthetic services for best results?

One of the advantages of visiting a professional esthetician is that it allows you to combine multiple services in order to achieve more striking results in a short amount of time. Depending on whether you’re simply looking for an enjoyable spa-like experience or preparing for a specific event such as a wedding, the professional estheticians at Esthetics by Gilla can help you best combine services in order to achieve the results you want. A few of the service combinations that we recommend include:

  • Facial, manicure, and pedicure
  • Massage, and mani/pedi
  • Facial, wax, and massage

You can ask your esthetician for more recommended combinations.

Are esthetician services only for women?

Absolutely not! Esthetics by Gilla is proud to offer select services specifically tailored to our male clients. This includes facial care that includes a shoulder and neck massage in addition to the traditional cleansing and exfoliation, treatment mask, and hydration. We also offer hand and foot care that has been specially tailored to the needs of our male clients. This includes callus removal, massage, exfoliation, and nail trimming and shaping .

Do estheticians only focus on skin?

No! Here at Esthetics by Gilla, we offer full-body services as well. These include body sugaring, a technique pioneered by Middle-Eastern women in order to remove body hair naturally and nearly painlessly. This technique has a number of advantages, most notably long lasting results, and hair removed at less than 1/8 inch. Our trained estheticians have more than 19 years of experience in performing this technique.

We also offer traditional waxing services at our Ottawa location, including:
  • Eyebrow waxing/Sugaring
  • Chin waxing/sugaring
  • Facial waxing/sugaring
  • Body waxing/sugaring
  • Bikini waxing/sugaring
  • Brazilian waxing/sugaring
  • Full body waxing/sugaring

We use a unique Brazilian wax that sticks only to the hair and not the skin, making it a nearly painless experience.
We also offer Swedish massage therapy in order to help you leave our facility feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. This style of massage has been proven to not only relax your muscle, but can also help relieve pain and heal injuries by stimulating blood flow to the area. Getting a massage can feel like a mini-vacation, particularly when used in combination with some of our other many services.


Welcome to Esthetics by Gilla, a lavish beauty and spa salon located in the beautiful community of Nepean. With over 19 years of experience,  people come back to us knowing they are in good hands. Our services are professional and affordable. We offer a wide range of services, including facials, microdermabrasion, sugaring/waxing, body wrap, electrolysis, swedish massage, makeup, tinting, manicures/pedicures, and cellulite treatment.

Explore our web site and learn about the services that we offer and read a sampling of what our clients have to say about their experience with us.

It would be an honor and privilege to have you as a client/guest. We look forward to your visit with us.


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