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Why choose Electrolysis Ottawa? Because Electrolysis is safe and the only proven method of permanent hair removal recommended by Electrolysis Ottawaphysicians. This is an excellent option for clients who have unwanted hair growth in certain areas , such as on the face, bikini line, legs, or arms. As of your particular concerns about the area to be treated, this can be discussed during your consultation. At Esthetics by Gilla, we offer electrolysis services to all of our clients in the Ottawa area.

How does Electrolysis Ottawa work?

Disposable needles and a dry-heat sterilizer are used.

The Blend Method and the shortwave For Electrolysis treatment is adopted at Esthetics by Gilla.

A trained professional permanently eliminates the growth cells of unwanted hairs with Short wave, Galvanic or blend methods of electrolysis. Each method available can be explained by a professional Electrolygist at esthetics by gilla during consultation. Treatments are safe and permanent results are achieved.

How long does Electrolysis take?

Completion time varies with each individual depending on the coarseness of the hair, the numbers of hairs to be removed and if temporary hair removal methods were previously used. Permanency is achieved through a series of regular treatments determined for each individual. Following treatments instructions will speed completion. Hormones are a factor. This includes : puberty, pregnancy, menopause and medications. Stress is also a factor.

Although many home electrolysis devices have been released, claiming to offer results that are similar to, or the same as visiting a professional, this simply isn’t the case. While these at-home devices will remove hair, they are not a permanent method of hair removal. Professional electrolysis is a permanent method of hair removal that requires the skill of a professional to ensure success. In fact, many countries have prohibited these at-home devices from advertising that they’re permanent.

How does a Electrolysis Ottawa treatment feel like?

Each individual’s level of comfort during treatment varies. Most clients experience a slight tingling in the area where the hair is being removed. If you’re extremely sensitive or fearful, a topical anesthetic like “Emla” cream can be used to ensure that you remain completely comfortable throughout the process.

As there are many methods of hair removal available …. Here at Esthetics by Gilla, we offer body waxing and sugaring in addition to our permanent electrolysis services. However, these services aren’t permanent.

Electrolysis is perfectly safe

In the hands of a professional, Electrolysis is completely safe.

It is often recommended by the medical profession, and electrologists receive referral from doctors. Proper sterilization procedures should be explained prior to treatments. The most common side effect is a temporary redness; Electrolysis is one of the safest forms of permanent hair removal available throughout the world today.

Electrolysis isn’t new

In fact, electrolysis has been used for more than 100 years in order to remove in-grown eyelashes and hair on other parts of the body. It’s a safe method that can be used almost anywhere – including the thighs, breasts, legs, and eyebrows. Proper sterilization procedures are essentials and should be explained prior to treatments.

Choses the Eloctrolygist who:

  • Has thoroughly explained the Electrolysis Ottawa procedure and satisfied your concern.
  • Has verified adequate sterilization procedures.
  • Trained professionals, who display their credentials of training.


$75One Hour
$40Half Hour
$23Fifteen Minutes

Electrolysis Packages

  • Two Hour Package
  • Four Hour Package