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Sugaring Ottawa

Sugaring Ottawa

Brazilian Services for women is a very popular service in Ottawa and elsewhere but still a lot of misconception about:

  • How comfortable is it? what’s better or gentler than sugaring?
  • do the hairs grow finer or less?
  • looking for best reviews before picking a spa or an esthetics place in Ottawa

Many ways for Hair Removal: What is it the difference between laser, waxing, Hard wax or sugaring?

  • The comfort level depends first on the kind of wax we use on a sensitive part like Brazilian, Bikini line or Underarms and that’s why in our spa at esthetics by Gilla we use the best hard wax available in the market that holds only to the hairs and doesn’t stick at all to the skin where some of our clients call it the “Magic Wax” as well as organic Sugaring home made with just sugar, lemon, and water.
  • Second; the technique: a good stretch of the skin is most important, so the pull is only aimed at the hairs, not the skin.
  • there is another misconception about Waxing in general that Waxing will lead to having fewer hairs. this idea is actually pure illusions. the hairs will grow softer relatively to the growth after shaving and will take three to four weeks to grow as a natural cycle growth for hairs. But eventually, within five to six weeks the hair growth will look exactly like before waxing.
  • Best Reviews in Ottawa for Brazilian Sugaring and Brazilian Waxing is important to look for; considering the sensitivity of this part of the body as well as Bikini and Underarm.
  • At our Spa we proud ourselves by the Reviews we get from our Clients and strive to keep the good work ethics and techniques we learned through the 20 years we have been in business in Downtown Ottawa before changing location in the last couple years to the West end of Ottawa, Nepean , off Meadowlands around Merivale and Woodroffe area.





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