What You Need To Know About Waxing – Guaranteed You Never Heard Before

Are you looking to get your body waxed?  You should, it is a wonderful treatment that saves you time and can permanently reduce the amount of hair you have to deal with.  Want to learn how to make waxing sessions more effective?  We have gathered what you need to know about waxing, I bet you […]

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We Help To Make You More Beautiful – Esthetics by Gilla

At Esthetics by Gilla, we help to make you more beautiful.  The treatment you will receive at our facilities will help you to get the confidence you deserve.  Want to know how we can help you at Gilla?  Keep reading to find out.
One of the most common hair removal techniques that you find will be […]

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Many Reasons Why Get Professional Sugaring / Waxing BY Gilla!!

Are you looking to get ready for the beach?  Maybe you just don’t like shaving?  Waxing and sugaring by Gilla can help you to get rid of that unwanted hair.  Why would you want professional sugaring or waxing though?  Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Gilla is the place to go.
More […]

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Brazilian Sugaring or Waxing in Ottawa

Brazilian Services for women is a very popular service in Ottawa and elsewhere but still a lot of misconception about:

How comfortable is it? what’s better or gentler than sugaring?
do the hairs grow finer or less?
looking for best reviews before picking a spa or an esthetics place in Ottawa

Many ways for hair Removal: […]

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Spa Beauty Tips: Hair Removal Cream Vs Waxing

When it comes to hair removal, a lot of people think about trying hair removal cream.  Waxing is less thought of, partially because of the belief that it is the most painful thing ever.  Why should you go for waxing in Ottawa instead of hair removal cream?
Hair Removal Cream
Hair removal cream is considered very simple […]

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Top Nail Styles Autumn 2016

Autumn 2016 has brought with it a variety of nail styles that are seeing popularity. From natural colors to bright colors and everywhere in between can be found on this list. If you want to have the latest in nail stylings read this article to find some of them.

The Natural Fade
Very popular this autumn is […]

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Laser Hair Removal vs Brazilian Waxing – Which Is Better?

Brazilian waxes vary; hair is removed in the front, back and everything in the middle. Completely smooth, which allows for more provocative bikini and lingerie choices. Some ladies feel liberated after getting Brazilian Waxing, because they can wear lower-cut pants, shorts without fear of pubes poking out. Some ladies may still leave a very trimmed […]

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