waxing ottawaIn order to get the best Brazilian wax possible you need to take the proper steps and follow the proper tips.  How do you find the proper tips though? These five tips are from the professionals on how to get the most out of your next bikini wax.

Let Your Hair Grow

You probably want to have your hair never reach past a certain length but some growth is required for the most effective Brazilian wax. The ideal length for the hair to reach is at least a quarter of an inch.  That means you need to go about three weeks without shaving before getting a bikini wax.

Don’t Drink Before Your Appointment

Drinking helps to calm your mind and is often affiliated with reducing the amount of pain you experience. What many people don’t know is that it also restricts your follicles and makes a waxing experience more painful.  The best pain killer for a waxing appointment is Tylenol or Advil, these are designed for that purpose.

Wear A Skirt To Your Appointment

For many people not having some coverage for their body makes them feel uncomfortable.  Wearing a skirt allows for easy access during your appointment and allows you to have a moderate amount of coverage that you can control. It is best to have a somewhat shorter skit though because it is easier to manage that while you are getting the waxing done.

Talk With Your Technician

It is a good idea to talk with your technician during the waxing process.  Stress and worry tends to build up and cause the process to hurt more. Talking helps you to breathe more which reduces stress and worry.  It also distracts you from the procedure itself.

Treat Your Skin After

Your skin is likely to be sore and even get ingrown hairs after a waxing. Treating your skin can help to prevent this.  Exfoliating as soon as you can after a waxing is one way to help prevent ingrown hairs.  A smoothing serum helps with ingrown hairs but also helps to reduce the sensitivity of the area after treatment.

Getting a Brazilian bikini wax is one of the best ways to help prepare yourself for the summer.  It is one of the most effective hair removal processes and as long as you follow these tips you will get the best bikini area possible. Should you have something you have found helps in the past, recommend it in the comments down below!