Being a carriere women isn’t easy and you don’t have time for your makeup.  That is why permanent eye makeup is a must for any carriere woman.  Here are the benefits of permanent eye makeup.


Wake Up and Go

Many women are jealous of men for being able to wake up and go to work without having to put on makeup every day.  When you have permanent eye makeup you don’t need to worry about that step of getting ready in the morning.  Getting ready will be much quicker without having to spend all of that extra time applying your makeup masterfully, it will be there and ready.

You Can Shower With It

Like the name says, permanent makeup is permanent, that means that you can shower with it on and not have to worry about it running.  It will be just as perfect after the shower as it was before.  This will save you extra time when getting ready for that last minute date after a busy day at work.  The same goes for the rain, you don’t have to worry about it when you get caught without your umbrella or coat.

You Can Work Out With It On

For a carriere  woman fitting a workout into the day can be difficult, especially when you have to touch up your makeup afterwards because you have sweated it off.  With permanent makeup you don’t need to worry about your makeup being messed up during your lunch time workout.  You will be able to go right back to work without any hassle of reapplying makeup.

You Can Still Cover It Up

One of the beautiful things about permanent eye makeup is that you can change up your appearance whenever you want simply by applying regular makeup over the top.  This allows you to have whatever appearance you want when you go out but on a regular day you don’t have to worry about your makeup.

Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for a carriere  woman.  While permanent eye makeup is one of the hottest permanent makeups out there, there are other options.  You can also have permanent lip makeup, blush, highlights, contour, and foundation.  The options are endless.  Let us know your reasons for getting permanent makeup in the comments down below!