Autumn 2016 has brought with it a variety of nail styles that are seeing popularity. From natural colors to bright colors and everywhere in between can be found on this list. If you want to have the latest in nail stylings read this article to find some of them.


The Natural Fade

Very popular this autumn is the natural fade of the nail. The lower portion of the nail will be colored and then a skin tone color will be used from there on. It makes the nail appear as only part of it being painted while the whole nail looks great. This style works great for anyone that wants to add only a little bit of flair to their style.

Half Circled Top

Another trend that has started this season is the half circle at the top of the nail. The nail will be colored in one distinct color. Then a small circle will be placed at the top of each nail. It is a great way to add a little bit of flair to each nail while still having a dominant single color.

The Thin White Line

Another natural take on this year’s nail styling is the thin white line. This is when the only part of the nail that is painted is the top. From just below the cuticle to the tip of the nail is painted with a thin white line. It creates the appearance of a very defined cuticle.

3 Dimensional Dripping Nails

In Rhianna’s runway debut the models nails were painted black with a white tip “dripping” down into the nail. This is achieved by painting the nail black and then coloring over it with a white in the design of ooze. The style of the 3D dripping nail has started to catch on and looks very chic.

Striped Center

The last style on our list is the striped center. In this style the base coat of the nail is a matte color. Then down the center of the nail is pained a metallic stripe. Another alternative for those that have the time is to use a foil line down the center.

With some of these top autumn nail styles you can change up your personal style and show off some flair. You could even invite some of your friends over to have a party and try out all of the styles.