Are you looking to get your body waxed?  You should, it is a wonderful treatment that saves you time and can permanently reduce the amount of hair you have to deal with.  Want to learn how to make waxing sessions more effective?  We have gathered what you need to know about waxing, I bet you haven’t heard these before.

waxing secrets

Exfoliate Before Your Appointment

It is important that you be gently exfoliating before your waxing appointment.  While you should at least exfoliate the day before your appointment, try to do it for the week before.  This will help to get rid of dead skin, making it easier for hair to be grabbed and to reduce the pain.

Schedule Your Appointments

Scheduling your appointments ahead of time is the best way to ensure that you have your hair taken care of regularly.  Having treatments every four or five weeks is what you are looking for in order to maintain smooth skin.

Wear Loose Clothing To Appointments

Wearing loose clothing is needed for those looking to get a waxing.  After a wax, your skin will be extra sensitive.  If it rubs up against fabric it will generate friction and be uncomfortable for you.  Loose clothing gives you the space you need.

Avoid Shaving

Shaving between appointments will be tempting when you notice the hair start to grow back but don’t do it.  If you shave it will make it impossible for the wax to grab everything that it needs to.  After shaving you will need to wait at least two more weeks for hair to reach the optimum length.  Optimum length for waxing is 4mm.

Get All Of Your Hair

There is hair all over your body and you will need to work with your technician in order to remove hair from all parts of the treatment area.  This may mean holding your body in unusual positions or rolling over onto the bed.  The exact positions will depend on the areas you need to be treated.

Talk To Your Technician About Medication

Your technician may not be a medical professional but it is important that you discuss with them your medication.  Medication, especially medication for the skin, can affect the process of waxing.  At the worst, you can suffer burns or infections.