What Is Permanent Makeup Ottawa?

Imagine going to the gym, or dancing all night without worrying about your makeup running or fading. Imagine waking up each morning without having to worry about spending precious time with a morning makeup routine. With permanent makeup, this is possible.

permanent makeup Ottawa is a form of permanent cosmetic application that can be used to eliminate the need for makeup, fill out your eyebrows, and more. This type of cosmetic tattooing is also used following breast reconstruction in breast cancer patients to improve the appearance of their nipple.

 permanent makeup ottawa

Price list for permanent makeup treatments:

Partial Eyebrows: $ 220
Full Eyebrows: $ 450
Partial Eyebrows: $ 190
Basic top Eyeliner: $ 200
Gradual top Eyeliner: $ 220
Lip Liner: $ 370
Full Lip Color: $ 520

How is permanent makeup applied?

Permanent makeup is exactly what it sound like – a permanent that gives you the permanent appearance of having the makeup you wear every day. A small tattoo needle penetrates your skin, placing pigment underneath. As such, it is important that the person applying your permanent cosmetics is a professional; at Esthetics by Gilla; gilla is a licensed and certified tattoo artist who is highly skilled in this art for all of our clients’ needs with 14 year experience.

Who can benefit from permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup can benefit a number of clients in different ways. A few of the reasons some of our current clients come in for permanent makeup are:

  • Faster morning routine
  • Eyebrow fill-in for those with faint, thin, or partial eyebrows
  • Greater definition around the lip line
  • Permanent eyeliner

How is permanent makeup applied?

Before your permanent cosmetic is applied, a small area of skin will be tested to ensure that you have no adverse reaction to the pigmentation that we use. Once we’re sure that you don’t have any allergies, we’ll help you choose the color of your pigmentation. Our professional makeup artist will make recommendations based on your skin color. To ensure that your expectations are met; A sketch of the form and color of the desired area will ensure your satisfaction when you’re able to check it in the mirror yourself.

Once this is done, a sterile surgical pen will be used to sketch in the areas to be tattooed with total compliance of the medical protocol for cross contamination control – approved by the city of Ottawa-. A special anesthetic solution will then be applied to your skin in order to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. A vibrating, hollow needle will be used to apply the permanent pigment to your skin. This will cause a slight stinging sensation only in the beginnig of applying the Anesthetic solution.

After care

Once your permanent cosmetics have been applied, it will take around three to four weeks for the color to assume its permanent appearance. Until then, it may look somewhat shiny and darker than you may expect. An Antibiotic ointment is supplied to help reduce any redness that may occur. You will also want to carefully apply sunscreen to avoid any color changes and prevent fading over time.

Is permanent makeup safe?

When applied by a trained and skilled professional, permanent makeup is no more dangerous than any other tattoo. In fact, the procedure is very similar to that performed in medical restoration, which is often used to treat vitiligo (a medical condition resulting in a lack of pigmentation in the skin).

At Esthetics by Gilla, we carefully test to ensure that no adverse reactions will occur before applying your permanent makeup. Gilla , is trained to ensure that your expectations are met definitely as much as realistically. And most of all you’re safe; a total cross contamination control is strictly observed. We both would be proud of your new look.

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