Manicures and pedicures in Ottawa are relaxing and they help you achieve the look you are going for.  Like with any beauty service or industry there are secrets in the manicure and pedicure world.  We are here today to share some of these secrets with you.  These manicure and pedicure in Ottawa secrets will help you to feel more beautiful.  Keep reading to find the secrets.

Pedicure ottawa

You Can Ask for Suggestions But…

A lot of people ask for suggestions on what to do with their feet and hands, you are getting them taken care of by experts after all.  But this is only optional.  You should do what you want in the end to get what is most beautiful to you.  Don’t be afraid to ask if they offer services other than those they recommend or to decline a service that they recommend.

Increase The Length of Your Nail Polish

You know that bottle of nail polish that you bought at your manicure or pedicure that is sitting in your collection?  After a while it will start to get thick and clumpy but that doesn’t mean that you have to lose the beauty of that color.  Nail technicians use the trick of adding nail polish thinner to their polish to help it last longer.  This thinner replaces the solvents that have gone away over time.

You Can Get Cut

It is completely possible to get a cut or nick during a manicure and pedicure in Ottawa.  We don’t mean a big gashing wound.  We are talking a scratch, something small.  This comes from the variety of tools that technicians use.  In order to make sure that your skin is the most beautiful afterward, you should use a antibiotic ointment or rubbing alcohol.  This helps to prevent your skin from getting an infection (only happens extremely rarely) and thus keeps your beauty at its peak.

Keep in mind the TDR tip: often these cuts aren’t bleeding so the only way you know they are there is the unpleasant feeling when approaching that area.