Whether you’re a first time trying to wax yourself or a seasoned pro, you’ll get your best results when you follow tips by Gilla professional esthetician from Ottawa!

The Best Brazilian and Bikini Waxing at home tips BY Gilla

  • Have a mirror close by and frequently check your job while you wax
  • Trim the hair You Would like to eliminate to a quarter inch
  • Ensure the area is clean, dry and free of moisturizer or other Item
  • Run the wax stick or the little ball of sugar on a very little spot u need to wax to try it first and check your tolerance Continue slowly little by little
  • Do not spread the wax on the whole area you intend to wax as it may harden and become impossible to remove.
  • Stir the wax so that it takes on the consistency of thick honey to make sure the temperature is right.
  • Rotate the spatula because you dip it in the wax.This will stop leaking Stretch the skin and pull it in the opposite direction of the hair, as this will simply pull the hair not the skin.